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Phud's Slippery Elm Powder for Pets  has been extensively used in herbal medicine for many centuries and as a supportive food

It has pronounced cooling and nourishing properties that make it especially helpful for pets whose systems have become inflammed or acidic. Actions are demulcent, emollient, expectorant, nutritive

In practice, Slippery Elm's three main uses are:

a) as an internal bandage for inflammation or ulceration anywhere along the digestive tract
b) as a drawing agent when used as an external poultice and
c) as a ‘food’ for use in convalescence.

Slippery Elm in a drawing poultice is a thing to behold. It is quite remarkable how it forms a gelatinous, gooey mass that has a soothing role but then also hoovers up foreign material or damaged tissue.

Slippery Elm as an internal bandage is surely where it has provided its most dramatic healing affects .

Can be safely used long term, is considered a medicinal food.

Over the years I have found this maraculous herb to aid/support in many cases of.......

- irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines

- Bound up constipation system, hard faeces maybe due to eating red bones which can not be suitable for many pets especially senior dogs.

- Flatulence, foul smelling faeces

- Internal ulceration, scouring, pancreatitis, irritable bowel

- Puppies: when you bring puppies home and introducing them to solids

- Vomiting, acidic regurgitation,

- Seniors: extremely aiding to older pets added to their daily food, assists the smooth passing of food through thin digestive tissues of the body. Aids older pets to keep the apetite healthy and strong. See Creaky Bones for Senoirs

- Following Medication use and Operations (can be used after antibiotic use) Also see Probiotics (Protexin)



How To use/give Slippery Elm for Pets

Add the powder to food

Or mix with liquid of coconut milk or  yoghurt. Pets love both of these foods

Or thoroughly mix in with water or liquid and syringe over the tongue if your pet cannot eat. Be quick to mix as slippery elm will become thick and mucilanginous in consistency



Note:Our natural products for animals do not replace veterinary care or advice. Please seek professional veterinary attention when needed. We ask our customers to act as responsible pet owners


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