About Us

Formed in 1999 formaly Browns Animal Herbals. Restructured after  Victoria's black saturday bush fires as Phud's in 2010 providing a genuine place to purchase plant based health products for pets in Australia

The Australian company is run by a small team of dedicated people who's mission is providing the healthiest path to natural rearing for dogs and pets. Phud's is owned and run in country Australia. Ingredients are sourced as quality human grade and supporters of australian grown and organic produce where possible.


Canine Head Honcho:


Phudley DudleyNick name "Dudley" -  kelpie border collie cross

Dudley is the dog reponsible for the formulation and dedication of Phud's food, thus its name.Phud is very regal by nature, loyal and hopelessly loved by all other dogs. 'Phudley Dudley' is an avid supporter of his product and looks forward to every meal, which keeps him in magnificent shape! Now a very senior dog and going strong..


Tracey Brown the founder of the mission is an animal herbalist, naturopathist and myofunctional therapist and is the main driving force behind Phud's. As a herbal practioner Tracey has drawn on her training for 11/2 decades  of naturopathic experience with horses, dogs, cats, goats, and farm animals to develop the complete Phud's product range.

In addition Tracey runs a small farm and successful breeding stud promoting the Welsh Cob sport horse.

Phud's is an Aussie success because of the following people;

The gorgeous Millie Brown (deceased) a tireless courageous women, former Guy Brown, Steven Elford, Gary Hunter, Samantha Elford, Linda McDonald, Tracey Brown, so many faithful animals with their carers and distributor net works.

Millie Brown Steven Elford
Tracey Brown